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Spring Cleaning with a Dumpster Rental

The snow is melting, the grass is getting greener, and flowers are starting to bloom. We are finally leaving winter and embracing spring!

This change in the seasons not only brings a lot of pollen pollen allergies and sprouting trees, but most infamously, Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is about out with the old garbage and in with new possibilities, so why not start it right by renting a dumpster to help you get rid of that unwanted trash.

This post will help guide you through all the things you should think about when it comes to renting a dumpster for spring cleaning.

Book Your Dumpster in Advance

Even though spring cleaning is not a national holiday with a specific day, everyone has a feeling for when they should start cleaning their homes and that's right around the time the weather gets better.

Since people aren't interested on cleaning their homes during the winter when it's snowing, right when the weather starts getting nicer, everyone tries to get a dumpster like it's a game of musical chairs. For this reason, the dumpster business gets flooded by phone calls trying to book a dumpster ASAP which usually means that you need to plan in advance.

Planning in advance means that you should call a dumpster broker around a week ahead of when you want to rent the dumpster. You don't want to be in a position where you take a day off of work to clean and find out that every company you call is out of dumpsters. So make sure that you call different companies in advance and ask them about their availability.

Pick the Right Dumpster

One dumpster size does not fit everybody's project needs. Usually when we talk about spring cleaning, people won't be throwing out heaps of trash along with the kitchen sink, so one size doesn't fit all.

Check out our dumpster size guide to help you figure out what size is best for your project needs.

Know What Items You Cannot Throw Out

It's important to know the items you can and cannot throw out. There are certain types of waste that cannot be thrown out, for obvious and unobvious reasons. For instance, people understand that propane tanks should be disposed of at a hardware store instead of a dumpster, but batteries and certain electronics like TVs should not be thrown into a dumpster which might surprise people.

Good news, here is a guide on what items should and shouldn't be thrown in a dumpster rental. We also have a comprehensive dumpster guide on what steps you should take when renting your dumpster.

As mentioned before, Spring Cleaning is a time when we throw out the old for the new, not only with the seasons but also with all of that unwanted trash that pilled up during the winter. So let us take the hassle out of Spring Cleaning by renting a dumpster!


Here at TrashBox, our goal is to help relieve the stress of your garbage disposal needs, whether you're cleaning out your garage or renovating your house. We are here to answer any of your concerns and deliver your dumpster in a timely and safe manner.

Call us at (630)-450-3960 and our team will guide you on what dumpster is best fit for your project!

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