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Dumpster Size Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

For those of us that have never rented a dumpster or aren't too sure about what size we should get, this post will help you find the answer to that question.

In this post, I will help visualize the different sizes of dumpsters so anyone can better understand how big they are.

We all run to this issue in life where someone can throw a number or a measurement at us but we cannot properly understand unless we are able to visualize it. So whenever I get calls from customers who are new to the dumpster rental experience, I like to compare the box sizes to cars.

This is always very helpful since everyone either has a car or has seen a car so they can relate it to their own experiences.

A helpful chart of dumpster sizes with comparisons to car sizes.

All of our roll off containers at trash box are the same length and width (with exception to the 40 yard) and they vary based on the height of the box.

Ok, so lets imagine you have all the trash you are gonna throw out in a pile.

Now lets imagine you have a dumpster container and a car next to each other.

The 5 yard container is the same length and width as your standard size sedan, like a Honda Civic. The height of the 5 yard will reach up to the top of the wheel of the Civic.

The 10 yard container will reach the window of the Civic and the 15 yard container will easily hold the entire civic. A 20 yard container is roughly the size of an SUV like a Nisan Pathfinder.

Now when it comes to the 30 and 40 yard dumpsters, it is important to note that they are the same height and width, however, the length is about 4 feet longer for the 40 yard. For the 30 yard, its helpful to picture a construction van like a Mercedes Sprinter, but as mentioned before, the 40 yard is like the same van, but stretched a bit longer.


Weight Limits

Every dumpster has weight limits due to two things: how much weight the roll-off truck can bear, and how much weight is included in the rental agreement.

Companies have weight limits because after they come pick your box up, they need to dump that trash somewhere and it is not cheap. So they will offer a certain weight that you can place in your roll-off dumpster, and if you happen to go over that weight, then they might charge you an extra fee.

Here is an infographic to visualize the weight limits for our dumpster sizes.


Hopefully this guide helped you better understand the sizes of different dumpsters and how much weight they can carry.

Here at TrashBox, our goal is to help relieve the stress of your garbage disposal needs, whether you're cleaning out your garage or renovating your house. We are here to answer any of your concerns and deliver your dumpster in a timely and safe manner.

Call us at (630)-450-3960 and our team will guide you on what dumpster is best fit for your project!

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