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Container Policy And General FAQs

What Can I Throw Away?

  • Most non-hazardous waste/debris​

  • Furniture such as couches, tables, box springs, chairs, and other furniture

  • Toys, rags, clothing, documents

  • Construction waste such as concrete, metal, pc, wood, roofing shingles, siding, flooring, etc.

  • General household appliances but any and all hazardous fluids/components must be removed before disposal

  • Fuels, Oils and Batteries

  • Tires

  • Appliances containing hazardous waste/components

  • Electronics

  • Mattresses 

  • Dirt, soil, comost, etc.

  • Concrete mixed with other waste.

  • Chemicals.

How Long Do I Keep It?

All of our dumster rentals start out with a one week rental period, however, if you feel like you've finished up the project and don't need the dumpster, feel free to give us a call for a pick up. If you do call for an early pick up, we will set up the pick up for the next day.

We also offer extensions on dumpster rentals, it is $25 for every additional day and $100 for every extra week.

For extensions, you do not need to place the day of booking, you can ask for an extension up to the day of pick up.

Where Can I Place It?

We generally place our dumpster rentals on our clients driveways. This is generally considered the best place to keep your dumpster rental. We are able to place the dumpster anywhere on the clients property as long as the roll off truck is able to reach access to the area and safely drop off and pick up said dumpster.

If you are looking to place the dumpster on the side of your street, you first need to check with your municipal goverment or Home Owners Association before ordering your dumpster. If you plan on going down this route and have to get a permit to place the dumpster, make sure to let our associates know before placing the order.

Extra Charges?

The charge that you see is the charge that you get. We do not charge extra for delivery, pick up, or any other taxes or fees. 

You will see extra fees in three different cases:

1) You went overweight on your dumpster, where we charge $40 per 1000lbs overweight.

2) We attempted to come pick up the dumpster but couldn't pick it up due to the dumpster being blocked in.

3) If you cancel you dumpster order the day of delivery.

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