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How We Are Innovating The Recycling Game

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Last week, we took a look at how foreign countries are innovating the recycling game, now its time we took a look inward. In this blog post, we are going through all the ways that the United States is revolutionizing the recycling space such as AI robots for sorting, all the way to a range of biodegradable products.

AMP Robotics - Introducing AI to recycling

AMP Robotics
One of AMP's sorting robots in action

AI is now hitting the recycling game as AMP Robotics develop s a robot trash picking system in order to make recycling more cost effective and economically viable. Through the use of AI and Machine Learning technologies, AMP claimes that their system can sort twice as much trash as a human sorter. By doubling the efficiency of sorting, AMP can make recycling more economically attractive resulting in a better treatment of the environment.

A Class of Biodegradable Products

Ever since we've developed a higher conciousness for recycling and treating the earth better, companies have been listening and delivering on that hightened reality. Plenty of companies that have issues with leftover waste from their products and have realized that biodegradable products might shine a better light for these businesses. A biodegradable product is a good that, after use, can be thrown away and can naturally decompose without having to intervein with hazardous chemicals.

Colgate is the first company to launch a completely biodegradable tube of toothpaste. They also recenlty pledged to use 100% recycled materials for all products and packages by 2025. This will help prevent their new line of prodcts from ending up littered in the ocean.

Colgate Biodegradable Toothpaste
"Smile for Good"; Smile for biodegradable toothpase tubes

While Colgate is in the business of toothpaste and their containers, Igloo is in the containers buisness and have revolutionized the way we store our drinks. With their new product, the "recool", you can stay safe and confident in throwing it out because it too is biodegradable. The recool allows you to take your cold drinks and ice to the beach, back, and back again while using biodegradable materials at the same time.

Igloo Recool
Help reduce waste with a cool drink in an Igloo Recool

Starbucks has been on the "no plastic left behind" grind and have focused on how the company can reuse their customers waste and perminantely removing straws in their establishments. Throughout Starbucks years, they've been modifying their packaging to become more and more recyclable and ultimately phased out straws from their stores replacing them with cup lids.

First Solar - Old Parts, New Product

Even though solar technology might seem new since we've started talking more about it, in fact the first solar pannel was developed in 1881 and the first commercially viable solar panel was produced in 1954. First Solar was created in 2009 from a previous aquisition of Glasstech Solar which held operations since 1984.In its long history, First Solar became one of the top producers of solar pannels. In recent history, the green energy firm pledged to recycle its outdated panels for the production of new panels, with plans to recycle up to 90% of materials found on solar pannels such as the semiconductors and glass.


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