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How to Throw Away Concrete

Concrete is the second most commonly used material when it comes to the construction of buildings and other projects. As we know, concrete is a pretty dense material that takes a lot of effort to not only break, but the carry away.

Due to its heavy nature, concrete is difficult to dispose of. You can't throw a lot away in your garbage or risk overfilling your garbage bin. So how does one dispose of their unneeded concrete?

In this guide, we will go over the best practices to apply when you're planning on throwing away heavy materials and objects.

Dumpster rental companies offer containers to dispose of you weight, but usually ask you not to throw concrete in the bin, why is this? There are two specific reasons why these companies refrain from mixing concrete with other trash.

One reason, which was previously mentioned, is the weight of concrete. One big reason dumpster rental companies are worried that you might throw away concrete is due to not only the cost of heavier loads, but also the risk associated to driving a heavy truck.

The other reason is mixing concrete with other waste. The mix between concrete and other waste is not only more expensive to dump, but also not as eco-friendly. As the United States became more aware of the impact climate change has on the Earth. In order to curb carbon emissions, implementations have been made to the point where it is more cost beneficial to recycle and reuse concrete.

Dumpster rental companies are aware of these two issues, so they will usually offer to take clean concrete in smaller sized dumpsters. This not only lets them recycle the concrete, but also serve you at cheaper costs.

Here at Trashbox, we offer 5 and 10 yard dumpsters in order to take care of your concrete disposal. For $275 for a 5 yard and $375 for a 10 yard, we will take clean concrete, bricks, masonry, and stone with no weight limit. Call (630)450-3960 to reserve a dumpster for concrete and other waste disposal.

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