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How To Stop Illegal Dumpster Disposal

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Dumpster Rentals, How To Stop Illegal Dumping

If you've ever rented a dumpster, you most likely play this senario in your head: After a successfull dumpster rental, you find out that there was more trash than you expected, and later find out that people have been throwing their trash out in the dumpster you're paying for. Or, you find out that someone searched through your dumpster and took some stuff or invaded your privacy. These are extreemly frustrating situations and completely illegal, yes you can call the cops if you find someone throwing their trash in your dumpster.

In this post, we will look at all the various ways you can help protect your dumpster and help stop illegal dumping and diving.

Tarp It Up!

Tarped Dumpster Rental

One very simple, easy way to help protect your dumpster and your wallet is to place a tarp over the container. If you want to cover the entire dumpster, you will want to get a tarp at least 8x16ft for the smaller sizes like the 10,15 and 20 yard dumpsters. If you have a larger dumpster like a 30 or 40 yard, make sure to get a tarp at least 8x22ft.

For windy days or just to keep it on tight, it would be a good idea to tie the tarp down with some rope, just to make sure you don't loose your tarp or add more unknown trash.

Lock It Up

Lock Up Your Dumpster Rental

This really depends on your property and if you have a secure premisis. So if you have a household or property that has some sort of fence that you can lock. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will absolutely prevent anyone from illegally dumping in your dumpster since there are some that are willing to jump a fence, however, this will definately help secure the dumpster from larger objects being thrown in. Just place a padlock and some chains around your fence and this should help secure your dumpster more.

Bring on Some Light

People are most likely to throw their trash in your dumpster under the cover of night. A great way to help stop illegal dumping at night is to bring a blanket of light. By lighing up the area surrounding the dumpster or generally on the property, people are less likely to throw out their trash in your dumpster. This advice can also help you prevent any other illegal actions on your properties, people are less likely to commit a crime in a well lit area compared to a dark area, so flood some lights on your property.

Lights, Cameras, Action

Camera Watching Dumpster Rental

In the past few years, plent of companies brought innovative cameras that help you secure your property. Whether you have a ring door bell or a full blown security system, keeping some sort of camera on your property will help deter and even catch culprits on camera. Due to the increased competition in the security market, home camera systems became cheaper than ever. Amazon has an incredible home camera known as the "Blink", which is on Amazon for less than $50, and it comes with night vision. This will definately help prevent illegal dumpster diving and dumping.

Spread The Word

Worst case senario, you do not have a fence to protect the dumpster, or don't want to buy a new tarp or camera, one way you can help prevent any illegal dumpster activities is to get the word out. You can go around and talk to your neightbors and let them know you are renting a dumpster. This is great for two reasons, one is that you'll let them know that you plan on renting a dumpster so there won't be any mixed signals or suprises, it will also let them know to look out for any fishy senarios. So if they see someone snooping around your dumpster, they'll know to either tell you or call the police. This might also psychologically tell your neighbors not to mess with your dumpster since you made contact with them.

Also, depending on the size of your town, you might be able to go to village hall and let them know. They might pass the word down to the police so they know you are worried about your dumpster.

Keep It Short & Keep Your Eyes Open

Lastly, two actions you can take to help prevent illegal dumping and/or diving is to keep the rental period short and to keep your eyes open. By keeping the rental period short, you give peoeple less time to mess around with your dumpster, and if you get it all done in one day, you'll spend enough time around it so no one will be able to sneak in. You should also keep your eyes on that dumpster, check around to make sure there aren't any strange items in your container, if there is something fishy, you can check cameras to reveal the culprit.


Here at Trashbox, we provide smart solutions to get rid of your unwanted trash. We don't charge any extra fees for delivery or pickup, and take care of taxes with simple flat rates. Located in Downers Grove, we opened up in the beginning of 2021 during a world wide pandemic, and fought to offer competitive dumpster rental rates, a world class support team here to offer advice and help, and quality service from our drivers. Call (630)450-3960 to get a free quote for you next dumpster rental.

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