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How Other Countries Handle Their Trash

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

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Even though we might think that the US is similar to other countires, for the most part, however we act differently when it comes to how we deal with our trash. From using trash to pave roads all the way to creating an island landfill, outside countries have extreemly inovative ways to handle their waste situations.

India Plastic Roads
India's new programs help recylce plastic into roads.

India: On the right path

India is infamous for having polution problems, 35 of Indias cities are ranked in the top 50 most polluted cities in the world, taking about 70% of that list. Aside from their smog issues, India had a large economic expansion which meant more plastic creation. In recent years, India implemented a program that recylces plastic by creating an ingrediant needed in producing asphalt. India plans on killing two birds with one stone by recycling plastic in order to help aliviate environmental issues while creating more cost efficiant road infastructure.

Singapore Landfill Island
Singapore's only landfill is located off the compact island.

Singapore: Island of Rubbish

Due to the small size of Singapore, landfills are hard to maintain since the land the trash is sitting on is extremly scare. How could Singapore help maintain a sustainable landfill? By creating an insland landfill. Opened in 1999, the Semakau Landfill is now the first island landfill and only opperating landfill in all of Singapore. Any waste taken to the island is first incenerated and turned into ash which is then dropped into the water in the landfill. Many would expect to see a bundled, smelly mess on Semakau Island, but the Singaporian government handles this island with such care that they even placed screens on the island to prevent damage to the near by coral reefs.

Colombia & Indonesia: Paying Cash for Trash

While many countries offer programs that pay small ammounts for alluminum cans, like the US, Colombia and Indonesia have programs that incentivize civic garbage collection through the use of vending machinese and health care.

Colombia Recycling Machine
Colombia offers Uber coupons for those who take an extra step to recycle.

Imagine getting a discount on your Uber ride for recycling. Colombia offers citizens rewards such as movie tickets and restaurant certificates in order to incentiviez people to collect and recylce plastic bottles and caps. Colombians can go up to an Ecobot vending machine where they can deposite plastic bottles or soda cans and get coupons that give them discounts for ride sharing services like Uber, movie tickets, dinner, etc.

Indonesia Trash for Healthcare
Garbage Clinical Insurance, Indonesia's only trash for medicle care clinic.

On the other hand, Indonesia is offering healthcare services for those who help clean up and throw out their trash. In attempting to reduce waste and expand medical care, Dr. Gamala Albinsaid created Garbage Clinical Insurance which offers medical care for those who can't afford it, but can help collect garbage.


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