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Where Does My Garbage Go?

Dumpster Rental Downers Grove

I bet we all asked the question "where does this piece of trash go" after throwing it in the garbage can. Whether that is a used Starbucks cup, some broken up bathroom tiles, or even that old couch, all of these items have to go somewhere.

It is important to understand the process your garbage takes from start to finish in order to have a better appreciation of the complex process that no one really thinks about. So in this post, we go over all of the steps involved from getting your trash out of your hands into a landfill many miles away.

First: Collection

The first step of this process starts with you and all that unwanted trash. There are a variety of ways that your trash gets collected.

It's normal for towns to have a garbage collection service. Some cities have their own municipal services that they offer, while other towns outsource their collection services to various garbage collection services.

Other than weekly collection services, some people rent dumpsters in order to throw out a lot of trash in bulk. Trashbox offers dumpster rentals for any project you have, whether you're working on home renovations, retail construction projects, or just cleaning out your garage. Give us a call at (630) 450-3960 to get your free price quote today.

Second: Transfer Stations

The second step in this process involves locations known as "transfer stations", which act like the step before taking that trash to a landfill. There are two reasons transfer stations are important in this process: reduced transport costs, sorting of trash.

The first advantage of transfer stations is the reduced transport costs on the part of garbage collectors. Due to the small number of landfills and the fact that they are spread out around any given area, it doesn't make sense for each dumpster truck to collect garbage from different neighborhoods and make the trek all the way to the nearest land fill. Transfer stations reduce the length of trips for garbage collectors, thereby reducing costs.

The second advantage of transfer stations lies in the way they sort garbage. There are certain materials that cannot be disposed in a landfill, such as recyclable waste and electronic waste. So transfer stations sort the garbage depending on what can be taken to the landfill and what has to go to a recycling station.

Last: Landfills

After your garbage gets dropped off and sorted at a transfer station, its time for it to go to the landfill. The landfills themselves are not designed to decompose the trash, even though it can decompose, landfills are mainly a resting place for your trash. The two closest landfills to Downers Grove are the River Bend Prairie Landfill in Dolton, IL, and the Laraway Recycling and Disposal Facility in Joliet, IL.

That is the process that your garbage takes from throwing it out, all the way to it's final resting place, the land fill.


Here at Trashbox, we provide smart solutions to get rid of your unwanted trash. We don't charge any extra fees for delivery or pickup, and take care of taxes with simple flat rates. Located in Downers Grove, we opened up in the beginning of 2021 during a world wide pandemic, and fought to offer competitive dumpster rental rates, a world class support team here to offer advice and help, and quality service from our drivers. Call (630)450-3960 to get a free quote for you next dumpster rental.

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